As a student of Lehman College and Bronx resident, much of my cartographic work has focused on the mainland borough. Visualizing the Bronx' problems helps point out solutions and illustrate them to community members, politicians, and other stakeholders.


Although I'm a native Bronxite, much of my time has been spent in Westchester County. My final project of my graduate career will focus on optimizing the Bee-Line bus system to better serve retail and entertainment workers in the southern portion of the county.


Learn more about my Bee-Line work here!


Cartography can take a map reader practically anywhere, with the right conditions and the right presentation.

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Bad Urban Planning in the Bronx

Asthma and poverty are far too common in the Bronx. I subscribe to the theory that most of these problems come from bad urban planning choices made decades ago. Highways such as the Cross Bronx Expressway, in addition to rapid industrialization and restriction to waterfronts and open space, seem to have decided the fate of many Bronxites.