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Bringing GIS to Community Board 10

One of my favorite things to do is jog. I'm a frequent user of the Hutchinson River Greenway that connects Co-Op City to Pelham Bay Park. Of course, I'm not the only one, as the path is used as a shortcut to Bay Plaza as well. Unfortunately, it seems as if this new greenway isn't quite maintained in the winter: icy and slippery, it's not safe for walking, let alone running. Calls to 311 didn't seem to fix the problem, so I decided to address my local Community Board. After a long commute from Lehman College to Preston High School on a frozen Thursday for the meeting, I was happy to present a homemade map of the problem to the board:


The Community Board members instantly recognized the area I was talking about. They offered to talk to the Parks Department about the problem, which has since been about halfway fixed. The northern section has been treated, but let's keep up hope that the southern end will be, as well!

#community #communityboard10 #communityactivism #mapping #cartography #gis #hutchinsonrivergreenway

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